W. Pico Miracle Candles - Hummingbird

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"Come to my nectar of love," reads the spanish text printed on the Hummingbird W. Pico Miracle Candle: light it and enjoy the slow burn of candlewax alonside the slow burn of burgeoning romance. 


  • Slow-burning candle
  • Unscented
  • Glass cylinder vessel
  • Hummingbird graphic screen-printed on the face
  • Dimensions: H21 x W6.5cm
  • Made in Los Angeles, California, USA


Origination in the City of Angels, W. Pico Miracles eschew self-seriousness for kitsch and character. The LA-based label offers slow-burning candles in tall, cylindrical glassware, with printed graphics dedicated to affecting change in your personal world: what are you manifesting?