Underground Sundae Holy Water Earrings - Silver

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Underground Sundae’s Holy Water Earrings are a pair of silver hoops attached to dangling, mismatched charms which feature creamy pearls and horizontal silver bars. The larger pearl is set with a darling 3mm blue gemstone.


  • Two silver drop earrings
  • Butterfly-back fastenings
  • Horizontally hanging silver bars with small stars on each end
  • Dangling silver droplets and mismatched pearl charms attached to hoops
  • Larger pearl is set with a 3mm blue gemstone
  • Smaller pearl charm has a shorter silver bar
  • Handmade in Melbourne


US by US is a new capsule collection from Underground Sundae with individuality at its centre. The core pieces in the range are hoop earrings, featuring extra holes for a customisable look—studs and charms can be added, removed or rearranged to suit the wearer. The versatile yet durable pieces by the label’s operators, Annemieke and Sarah, offer a grown-up alternative to the multipacks of colourful studs stocked by any suburban tween jewellery store worth frequenting circa 2005, which they would collect to match all their outfits. The collection speaks to the nostalgia of owning one half of a sacred ‘BEST FRIENDS FOREVER’ necklace, matching the colour of your braces to your favourite sports team, and looking up the meaning of your mood ring’s current colour. The designers encourage wearers to celebrate their own self-expression by experimenting with the collection and cultivating their own personal connection to their jewellery.