Undercover Serpent Longsleeve T-Shirt UCZ4891-2 - Black

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For more than 25 years Undercover, led by founder and head designer Jun Takahashi, has occupied a peculiar position on the fashion landscape. The Tokyo label is founded on the playful mocking of both high fashion and streetwear’s norms, an approach encapsulated in their “We make noise not clothes” motto.

Though the Undercover name has gained particular traction thanks to the label's conceptual collections, theatrical runway shows, and high-profile pop-culture collaborations, high-quality, everyday staples form just as important a part of their collections. Even these staples, however, are reinvented in line with the concept of the season.

The Undercover Serpent Longsleeve T-Shirt in black is a regular-fit, classic long-sleeve t-shirt. On the front, the words 'Fallen Man' in stylised print, the name of this season's collection inspired by Akira Kurosawa's 1957 adaptation of William Shakespeare's Macbeth set in feudal Japan, Throne of Blood. This is accompanied by a graphic print depicting a snake forming a kind of coat of arms with the arrows arranged behind it. This coat of arms is reconstructed on the piece's sleeves, with the arrows appearing on the shoulder and the snake above the cuff. This long-sleeve tee also features ribbed cuffs & crew neckline.

Made in Japan from 100% cotton.

Style Number: UCZ4891-2.