The Plant Magazine Issue #15 Spring 2020

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Whether expanding and tending to one's indoor potted plants, learning to appreciate the meditative practice that is gardening, or taking long hikes in the company of lockdown partners and friends, amidst grave uncertainty and physical restrictions, in 2020 plants have been a source of much-needed respite.

The cover of this 15th issue comes courtesy of artist Camille Henrot, whose drawings on sustainability inside the issue take us beyond the current crisis to the ongoing (and increasing) urgency of climate change. This work provides the backdrop for the issue’s journey between plant encounters big and small, all of which, of course, depend on us creating a more sustainable future.

Outdoor spaces are evoked in a number of pieces: Kate O’Brien pens a lover letter to the misted vistas of Ireland’s Wicklow Uplands with an accompanying fashion editorial; New Yorker writer Adam Gopnik muses on the wonders of New York’s Central Park; and photographer Tom Johnson presents colourful slices of life and flora in Rio de Janeiro.

Closer to home, more personal encounters appear by way of a showcase of ceramicist Harley Weir’s work and accompanying interview, and an interview with Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin of Studio Formafantasma by curator Hans Ulrich Obrist. The most intimate feature in this issue comes in the form of a series of photos taken by fashion photographer Zoë Ghertner of her home garden. Her accompanying words contain an all too relatable truth: "My garden is not as beautiful as these tiny moments. It's not as lush as I make it look... But I am good at what I do. My pictures show my love for this tiny plot of land, they show nature's delight." For many of us now, such small joys of nature are the greatest gift.