Sun Children Erin Coil Vase - White

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The Erin Coil Vase is lovingly hand-coiled in an eccentric design. The vase is finished with a cream glaze that accentuates the smooth ridges of the coils. It’s perfect for holding small flowers or other foraged pieces. Sun Children Ceramics are lovingly hand made, and so small imperfections are attributed to the uniqueness of each piece.


  • Made from smooth Australian clay¬†
  • Fired with a cream glaze
  • Coil design with loose overhanging coil at rim
  • Approximately 10cm high and 12cm at widest point
  • Sun Children logo emblazoned on base¬†
  • Each piece comes with a Sun Children Adoption Certificate


Sun Children Ceramics is a creative outlet based in Meanjin, Australia, co-founded by Simon and Kimberley Sun in 2021. Each piece is handbuilt/thrown, illustrated, glazed, and fired in Brisbane. Each ceramic represents your new child and the joy and connection that surrounds ‘family’. The first collection from Sun Children celebrates the family at Double Double Store, with each piece named after a member of our team.