Story mfg. M Party Vest - Squash

$899.00 AUD $599.00 AUD


The Story mfg. M Party Vest is made the old school way, with needle and yarn, with no piece being exactly the same as another.  This knit has a loose shape, drapey and comfortable. Finished with the signature Story mfg. detail, hand embroidered flourishes from Story's in house embroidery team. As always made with naturally occuring organic dyed cotton.


  • Colourway: Squash
  • Hand crocheted detail
  • 100% organic cotton
  • Article Number : PARTY-SQUASH


Story mfg. returns to Double Double with another collection for the 2022 season. Continually inspired from the natural world around them, Saeed and Katy Al-Rubeyi revisit and refine their unique approach to design with this seasons imagery centered around natural landscapes. Once again creating a collection from natural fabrics with the use of natural, organic dyes and flourishes of hand made touches. Each piece tells a story. 


Model is 178cm and is wearing size M