Story mfg. Brew Hat - Snail Power

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The Story mfg. Brew Hat is hand crocheted made using organic cotton yarns and natural organic dyes. Some of the natural ingredients used for the colours this cap include tree bark, flowers, indigo dye and the recently rediscovered dye sourced from the Jackfruit tree. 


  • Colourway: Snail Power
  • 100% organic cotton
  • Article Number : BREW-SNAIL


Story mfg. returns to Double Double with another collection for the 2022 season. Continually inspired from the natural world around them, Saeed and Katy Al-Rubeyi revisit and refine their unique approach to design with this seasons imagery centered around natural landscapes. Once again creating a collection from natural fabrics with the use of natural, organic dyes and flourishes of hand made touches. Each piece tells a story.