Sky High Farm Workwear Recycled Cotton Chunk Beanie - Mint

1 size only — $165.00 AUD


The Sky High Farm Recycled Cotton Chunk Beanie is a beautifully texured chunky cotton knit beanie finished with the charming artwork of Joanna Avillez


  • Colourway: Mint

  • 100% recycled cotton


Sky High Farm is the latest project coming out from under the Comme des Garcons umbrella, initially launched as a passion project for the founder, New York based artist Dan Colen in 2011. The brand began as a non profit initiative to increase access to fresh, nutritious, locally produced food using sustainable farming practises with 100% of all food grown being donated to marginalised communities. The partnering with Comme des Garcons has allowed Sky High Farm to grow into a full lifestyle initiative spanning the worlds of art, fashion and food. Sky High Farm maintains its values and message, delivering collections inspired by Colen's care for the natural world with ethical, sustainable approaches to production and a portion of all profits going back to the farm where it all began.