retaW Fragrance Liquid For Sneaker - JB

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Long before Proust's madeleine or modern discoveries of its intimate connection in the brain to memory and emotion, smell held an important place in many cultures for thousands of years. Considered a second-tier sense with the violent upheavals of modernity, it is perhaps for the very reason that it can be neither seen nor heard that fragrance has such important functions within various traditions of spiritual and religious practice. 

With products designed specifically for many of the different spaces we inhabit on a daily basis, since 2009, Tokyo-based retaW have sought to touch all aspects of life with scent. Their broad range of products—from car air freshener to room spray to candles—are developed with the latest dermatological innovations in mind and imbued with a selection of purposefully developed fragrances, each of which is designed to conjure what is most elemental—retaW is water, backwards, after all.

The Product

With some effort, a pair of sneakers can stay fresh for years. A regular wipe over and proper storage does most of the work. Unfortunately, when it comes to smell, things become more difficult, particularly in hot and humid climes. The retaW Fragrance Liquid for Sneaker provides a solution to this longstanding problem, eliminating odors, deodorizing, and disinfecting as they breathe new life into your favourite sneakers.

The Fragrance

As this product disinfects, the JB scent—developed explicitly for sneakers—reinvigorates with an orange, lime, and lemon citrus cluster of top notes, refreshingly acidic but never overwhelming. The fragrance's herbal core of lavender, peppermint, cinnamon, and coconut adds complexity to the citrus mélange while the vanilla base puts a sweet, spiced spring in your step. Maybe it's time to break out those decade-old Jordans.

Volume: 5 fl. oz. (150ml).

Made in Japan.

This item is not available for international purchase.