Public Possession Genie In A Nalgene Bottle - Clear

1 size only — $89.00 AUD $89.00 AUD


Drink from the fountain of youth. Your favourite Nalgene bottle with a seasonal PP print.


  • Colourway: Clear
  • 32oz Nalgene water bottle
  • BPA/BPS free


Since their foundations were laid in 2012, Munich-based record label, apparel maker, and collaborative hub Public Possession have pursued constant evolution. Now a sprawling interdisciplinary project, PP have developed an ecstatic and elastic aesthetic, with a love of typography and playful cartoon graphics shining through. 

The label pursue simple motifs in alternatively rich and exuberant colourways. Paradoxically, the more seasoned the label has become in terms of its cohesiveness of vision, the more they are able to evoke a kind of mischievous innocence. This is clothing made for moving bodies on the dancefloor.