Provider Store Onji Candle (Blue) - Daku

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With its angular edges and deep blue glaze, the Provider Store Onji Candle evokes the '70s without succumbing to vintage nostalgia. Made in Tajimi, Japan, this geometric cup houses a candle in the label's No. 4 scent, 'Daku,' a combination of earthy fig, oak, caramel, and patchouli with a subtle blend of fruity, floral, woody, and spiced tones.


  • Handmade ceramic vessel
  • Deep blue glaze
  • Daku fragrance (No. 4)
  • Pure soy wax
  • Vessel can easily be repurposed as an ornament, teacup, vase, or plant pot
  • Candle poured in Sydney
  • Ceramic cup handcrafted in Japan


Among their selections of slow-made homewares, Provider Store's candles have garnered attention not only for their subtly rich fragrances but for the beautifully crafted vessels into which the candles are hand-poured at the label's Surrey Hills headquarters. These beautiful ceramic vessels sourced from artisans across Japan also form an important part of Provider Store's genesis story: it was a trip to Japan during which she met many of these very craftspeople that inspired Tara Bennett to start the label in 2014.