PRMTVO Eyenstein Oversized Nylon Tote - Pattern

1 size only — $105.00 AUD $55.00 AUD


Pioneer the evolution of our earthly energy to new planes with the PRMTVO Eyenstein Oversized Nylon Tote, a carry-all bag from the LA-based label, with sturdy top handles. 


  • Colourway: Pattern
  • Lightweight nylon tote bag
  • Printed design on front and back
  • Unlined
  • Woven top handles


In the latest line from Los Angeles' PRMTVO (short for primitivo, or ‘primitive’ in Spanish), founders Christian Escalente and Oscar Vasquez conjur a vision a futuristic age they've christened 'Neu_Horizons', where their community evolve into tribes of dance, energy and love. Become an ambassador for the dream today! Sport the collection's skate-inspired shapes, emblazoned with psychedelic prints and slogans which implore the unconverted to tune into the energy cycling through their corporeal forms.


One Size
Length 59
Width 45
Height 44