Neighborhood Eagle Incense Chamber - Black

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Neighborhood Incense chambers have become one of the most coveted lifestyle products produced by any contemporary streetwear label. Now imitated by many, the longstanding and mysteriously named "Booze" incense chambers feature designs inspired by a range of the label's influences. Crafted in Japan from Chinese Kaolin clay as per traditional Chinese pottery practices, and replete with intricate detailing, Neighborhood chambers offer an alluring way to burn incense in any interior environment.

This season’s Neighbourhood Booze CE-Incense Chamber features an eagle sitting atop an antique book with NBHD branding. Noted as one of the most opulent Neighborhood chambers in recent memory, the eagle’s beak is coated in real gold. Smoke billows out of eyelets positioned in multiple areas around the eagle’s perimeter. Other features include a removal base for easy cleaning, the bottom of which is stamped with Neighborhood branding.


  • Colourway: Black
  • Two-piece incense chamber — eagle silhouette atop book base
  • All-over intricate detailing
  • Smoke billows through multiple areas of the vessel, including the eyes and back
  • Made from Chinese kaolin clay
  • Burnished glaze
  • Base H3cm x W16.5cm x D13cm / Incense H21.5cm x W16cm x D12.5cm
  • 100% porcelain
  • Made in Japan