Neighborhood Dr. Woo Incense Chamber - Blue

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This season’s Neighborhood Booze Incense Chamber is constructed into an oil lamp and adorned with intricate designs by notable tattoo artist, Dr Woo. Here, the characteristic friendliness of the silhouette, is starkly contrasted by the presence of the skull, a symbol of death. Smoke billows from the skull, spout, and eyelets while burning incense, in an eerie addition to Neighborhood's coveted series.

In the words of Dr Woo himself, the chamber is “something that symbolises communal gathering and looks cool in your grandmas kitchen”.


  • Colourway: Blue
  • Oil lamp silhouette with skull lid
  • Intricate design detail by Dr. Woo
  • Smoke billows through lid, spout, and eyelets
  • Made from Chinese kaolin clay
  • Base H3cm x W13.5cm x D11.5cm / Incense H24.5cm x W10cm
  • Made in Japan


Neighborhood Incense chambers have become one of the most coveted lifestyle products produced by any contemporary streetwear label. Now imitated by many, the longstanding and mysteriously named "Booze" incense chambers feature designs inspired by a range of the label's influences. Crafted in Japan from Chinese Kaolin clay as per traditional Chinese pottery practices, and replete with intricate detailing, Neighborhood chambers offer an alluring way to burn incense in any interior environment.