Needles Bermuda Hat - Papillon

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Needles have always sought to expand the notion of streetwear by looking to the past. The Japanese label's new collection builds on their recent fascination with street styles from 1960's Britain, namely the stylistic codes of the Mods and Rockers subcultures. With a touch of 70s-inspired psychedelia, Needles bring these influences into the contemporary streetwear landscape with a self-assurance that has become instantly recognisable.

Though often said to incorporate Americana influenced designs into a contemporary idiom via traditional Japanese textiles and design principles, recent collections from Needles founder Keizo Shimizu reach to mid-twentieth century Britain as much as early 20th century America. Blending silhouettes from military and sporting domains with an array of pop-cultural influences, recognisable and obscure alike, a final Needles garment is defined by an inspired hybridity.


The Needles Bermuda Hat reaches to a silhouette from a source far outside canonical Americana: the street style of 1980s New York City. Popularized in the 80s by hip hop artists such as Run DMC and Grandmaster Flash, the Bermuda-style bucket hat became a staple accessory for many members of the hip-hop subculture in its early years.

This reimagining of the classic style puts Needles' attention to detail and artistry on full display, with a seasonal, all-over Neddle's Papillon logo pattern.

  • All-over seasonal Papillon pattern
  • Six-panel construction
  • Mesh lining
  • Embroidered Needles Papillon logo on the front in purple
  • 100% polyester
  • Made in Japan
  • Inner Circumference: 58.5cm (M); 61.5cm (L)