Maison Kitsuné Neon Fox Head External Battery - Navy

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Founded in 2002 as a record label, Maison Kitsuné have proved themselves to be perennial innovators, offering a range of accessories catered to emerging technologies adorned with their beloved Fox motifs. As the Kitsuné fox further cements its iconic status in the world of contemporary fashion, so too is it able to take new forms. Far from a hunter's trophy head, recent iterations have introduced the fox as a full character, as the label carves out a world for their namesake mascot. Such experiments test the fox's icon status, raising the question: how far can the label push the fox while ensuring that it remains instantly recognizable?

The shape of the classic Maison Kitsuné Fox Head, the Neon Fox Head External Battery uses a rechargeable, portable battery pack as the canvas for the Kitsuné Fox Head in the seasonal Neon colourway. The Fox Head is set in relief on the face of this silicone-covered charging block. This item comes equipped with a USB-A to USB-C cable.

Tech Specs:

Battery Capacity: 5,000 mAh.

Input: 5V/1A.

Output: 5V/1A.


Dimensions: 77 x 79 x 25.5mm.