Maison Kitsune Big Fox Head Aqua iPhone Case - Transparent

1 size only — $90.00 AUD


The Maison Kitsune Big Fox Head Aqua iPhone Case is a playful accessory from the Parisien label. Featuring their iconic fox logos floating in a transparent case. 

  • Transparent colourway
  • Logo fox's floating in liquid
  • 50% acrylic, 50% thermoplastic polyurethane
  • Suitable for iphone 12, 12pro and 13


The Maison Kitsuné Fox—the visual element that holds together the label's ready-to-wear range—is always making moves. As the fox further cements its iconic status in the world of contemporary fashion, so too is it able to take new forms. Far from a hunter's trophy head, recent iterations have introduced the fox as a full character, as the label carves out a world for their namesake mascot. Such experiments test the fox's icon status, raising the question: how far can the label push the fox while ensuring that it remains instantly recognizable? With many people doing their grocery shopping at street markets in their neighborhoods or beyond, nowhere in the world is a sturdy shopping tote more essential than in the city of Paris. With the Palais Royal Shopping Bag, Maison Kitsuné pay homage to the unique shopping traditions of their home city.