Hender Scheme Kjeldahl Flask Vase Long 200ml - Natural

1 size only — $230.00 AUD $230.00 AUD


The Hender Scheme Kjeldahl Flask Vase takes its name from a method used to determine nitrogen content in substances. The long neck on this style makes it ideal for display statement florals, either alone or in clusters. 


  • Colourway: Natural
  • Flat-based round glass flask with long neck
  • Detachable cow's leather base
  • 200mL capacity
  • Leather will darken with time
  • Made in Japan


Hender Scheme’s “Science Vase” line encourages experimentation with an assortment of equipment traditionally native to scientific environments. The range of flasks and dishes can be repurposed as vases, stationary holders, trinket dishes or jewellery displays, transitioning the objects from laboratory to living spaces.