eye_C Magazine Issue No.06

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The printed version of eye_C magazine returns for Spring/Summer ’22 with notable focus on the “Interloper”. The mag has three distinctive covers with avant-garde cult label, TakahiromiyashitaTheSoloist, a 20th anniversary homage to NEXUSVII, and gravity-defying space photography by Gravity Industries. This issue features interview with Gravity Industries Design Lead, Sam Rodgers, in a write-up about product development, childhood inspiration, and the human drive to push beyond the norm. 


  • Cover 1 – TakahiromiyashitaTheSoloist – shot by Ana Garcia
  • Cover 2 – NEXUSVII – shot by Akio Yamakawa
  • Cover 3 – Gravity Industries – shot by Tom Weatherill
  • Dimensions: 9.33” x 11.26”
  • Pages: 184