Chen Chen & Kai Williams Leg Bowl with Building Block Mary Jane - Ceramic / Synthetic Fabric

1 size only — $280.00 AUD



Available for the first time at Double Double, New York City-based design studio Chen Chen & Kai Williams have become renowned throughout the design world for works that emphasise process, with results that exude a playfulness and curiosity unique among contemporary design studios. Though it may not be apparent at face value, the studio's manufactured specialty home goods such as the Arm Vase and Leg Bowl carry traces of the pair's process-driven approach as much as their breath-taking one-off works. When asked about the origin of the anthropomorphic elements evident in these two pieces, Kai Williams states, "The use of limbs come from a visit to the factory and finding out they were figurine specialists who produced nativity scenes." Click here to read more about the history of the Arm Vase and Leg Bowl in the Double Double interview with Chen Chen & Kai Williams.

This Piece

The Chen Chen & Kai Williams Leg Bowl with Building Block Mary Jane is a handcrafted ceramic bowl with humourous touches: three legs modelled after human legs complete with expertly crafted miniature shoes.

  • Handmade ceramic bowl with three human legs that function as a stand
  • Miniature mary janes expertly crafted by Building Block
  • Approximate dimensions: Ø15 x H15.5cm