@Aroma Stone Diffuser - Tokoname

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Originally an importer and distributor of Australian essential oils, Japanese label @Aroma began crafting their own fragrances in 2008. Since then, Satoshi Kataoka’s label has become known as one of the world’s foremost creators of premium essential oils. According to the @Aroma philosophy, a fragrance must not be contemplated in isolation; it must only be considered in the context of its usage, judged for how it relates to the spaces in which it is used. Building as it does on age-old Japanese aromatic traditions, integrity is a crucial component to the @Aroma project. Each of the label’s scents—now available at Double Double for the first time—is composed of 100% natural and pure essential oils, ideally diffused by one of the label’s stone or wood diffusers. 

This Product

Given the ease at which fragrances can overpower a space, the mode of diffusion is as important as the scent itself. The @Aroma Stone Diffuser (Tokoname) is designed to slowly emit the scent of essential oils subtly but effectively, diffusing fragrance throughout your chosen space. Named after Tokoname city, an ancient centre of ceramic production, this piece is made in one of Japan's six ancient kilns and moulded and polished by hand.

  • Clay material
  • Prouct design: Fumie Shibata
  • Approximate Dimensions: W89 x L78 x D20mm
  • Weight: 122 grams


  • Place 3 - 5 drops of essential oil on the top of the diffuser. Add more drops if the scent fades.